About Me

Capturing the many aspects of the customer’s visions. One shot at a time, one memory at a time. This is my belief. I want to capture the memories as they happen, and tell a story. I love making people comfortable in their own atmosphere, and allowing them to be themselves. There is more appreciation to the customer knowing those feelings can be relived through my work, engagement, and photography.

Photography, has always been something that I have been interested in. I have been taking photos as long as I can remember, but really didn't start noticing my potential till a few years ago.

Once after much recognition for my artistic abilities in art photography, I decided to put my unique talent to use, and start capturing photos of family events, friends, weddings, and pretty much anything that involves with capturing memories. What separates me from other photographers is when relating to my clients, I have a gift in recognizing what they are looking for in their photos by capturing the true essence of their personalities.

Before I started my photography business, I spent 6 years as an art student and another 10 in the military. After traveling the world, I finally settled down here in Cincinnati, growing a name for my art work, and my photography.